A smart classroom is a modern-day pedagogy in education that brings learning closer to home. This transformative and innovative use of technology has changed how teachers deliver their lessons and how students learn.

Smart classroom management tools have become a huge success because of how convenient and engaging they are. Most of them are audio-visual tools that appear more appealing to students.

These smart classroom management tools make it easier for teachers to teach and students to learn. With it, students find it easier to go out of their comfort zone and become better individuals.

What is a Smart Classroom Management Software?

A smart classroom management software is a system that assists teachers in creating a conducive and engaging classroom environment for their students.

Such software can be used to limit students’ access to distracting websites. It can also stimulate and motivate students more by providing engaging designs and activities.

In addition, smart classroom management tools also help teachers improve their students’ behavior by providing advanced feedback.

There are many smart classroom management software used by both teachers and parents. This allows teachers to give parents an overview of how their child is performing in class.

Moreover, teachers can track the student’s progress and check if they have reached the goal, and report to their parents how their development is.

Smart classroom management software can work hand in hand with the Learning Management System and Student Management System. This give parents and teachers a wider perspective on a student’s progress and behavior.

Top Smart Classroom Management Tools

1. LanSchool


LanSchool is a smart classroom management tool that is both available as a cloud-based or locally–hosted solution. The system is compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome operating systems.

Teachers and students can use the system for a powerful collaboration in remote and digital classrooms. With it, teachers can manage multiple learning activities from one central system.

What is good about this software is that it supports both individual classrooms and the entire district usage.

LanSchool works by eliminating digital distractions, enabling students to focus on their lessons solely. It also can work better collaboration that helps increase students’ success rate.

2. ClassDojo


ClassDojo is an online behavior management system that encourages positive student behaviors and classroom culture. With it, a student earns a “Dojo Point” for every right thing zone.

Teachers can use ClassDojo to give their students’ parents an update on the progress. They can also use it to report the behavior of their children in their online classroom environment.

Aside from encouraging positive classroom behavior, ClassDojo also establishes a stronger communication line between home and school. This is possible with the software’s Dojo Point’ system and messaging system. The system connects teachers to parents for real-time feedback.

ClassDojo comes with a few teacher resources. This includes cheat sheets on how to use the system, video tutorials, presentations, and the like.

To use ClassDojo, teachers must first set up their Class Dojo profiles through the company’s website. In the process, they have to name the class and assign a grade level.

Teachers are also required to establish ‘class values. If they don’t have anything particular in mind, they can use ClassDojo’s six pre-existing ‘positive’ class values.

Pre-Existing ClassDojo Class Values

  • Helping others
  • On task
  • Participating
  • Perseverance
  • Teamwork
  • Working hard

Aside from these six, Class Dojo also suggests five ‘needs work’ class values which are the following:

  • Disrespect
  • No homework
  • Off task
  • Talking out of turn
  • Unprepared

The Class Dojo teacher page is divided into three areas, namely ‘Classroom,’ ‘Class Story, and ‘Messages.’

The Classroom tab is where teachers make it reports and track both individual and classroom points.

The Class Story tab is where teachers post photos and messages so that parents can keep track of what is happening inside the online classroom.

On the other hand, the Messages Tab allows parents to direct message parents individually or whole. Messages are sent either via email or through the in-app messaging feature of the system.

The system auto-generates a receipt once a parent has read the message. They are also notified if a parent sends them a message.

The system auto-generates a receipt once a parent has read the message. It also gives notifications when a parent sends a message.

3. Classcraft


Established in 2013 by Lauren Young, Shawn Young, and Devin Young, Classcraft is a world-class Ed-Tech company serving over 5 million teachers and students across nations. This award-winning system is available in 11 languages, making it one of the most accessible systems ever.

The system specializes in encouraging students to collaborate with one another. It also gives them real-time feedback on soft skills, such as attendance, homework completion, and classroom behavior.

Classcraft works by maximizing what games have to offer. This is a good technique considering how students are into games nowadays.

With it, their motivation level increases at a systematic level, helping school admins and teachers develop advanced initiatives to make lessons more meaningful and engaging.

Furthermore, the system can turn the existing curriculum into a personalized learning quest.

With the system’s real-time data, teachers can also determine what is working and what is not.

As a smart classroom management system, Classcraft works by giving students XP or Experience Points for every good deed done. This includes their homework, helping other students, or performing well academically. The higher the XP of a student is, the more privileges he has.

With Classcraft, teachers can pick the tool that they want to use based on their needs and their level of comfort.

4. McGraw-Hill Education Connect


McGraw-Hill Education Connect is an excellent smart classroom management tool with a wide range of learning resources. It offers flexibility to teachers to help them unlock the potential of each of their students.

The system supports summative and formative assessments to measure a student’s learning even in a digital classroom.

McGraw-Hill Education Connect provides students with a safe place where they can be free from committing mistakes. At the same time, it encourages them to practice and achieve their goal.

One of the best features of the system is its auto-grading capacity. Its proprietors believe that teachers should devote their time and expertise more to teaching, not in grading. Thus its auto-grading feature.

Connect automatically grades the students’ assignments and quizzes. It also provides a report for them to know what needs to improve.

McGraw-Hill Education Connect also considers the importance of resources. But it also knows that teachers don’t have all the time in the world to do their research.

Due to this, the system has consolidated all course materials to address this need. With it, everything is made available right at your fingertips.

The system also comes with a Smartbook, which is basically the digital version of course books. Smartbooks exactly contain what a textbook has.

What sets it apart from a textbook is that it can be personalized based on each student’s individual needs.


5. SkoolHub



SkoolHUB – No1. digital workplace for schools in NIgeri

SkoolHUB is a turnkey and intuitive classroom management software. It is a centralized instantly searchable digital workplace that is tailored to providing curriculum learning support for an institution with the aim to build virtual (collaborative) classrooms with state-of-the-art eLearning, communication and collaboration features.

It connects school admins, teaching staff, and students, as well as other players in the school community in a unified digital hub, allowing integrated dashboard access with low bandwidth consumption.

The edge SkoolHUb portrait lies in the capability to segment students into their respective virtual classroom where they can see and take up (blended) courses meant for their class, see the upcoming real-time class where the teacher has scheduled, communicate and collaborate with their peer and see their points as they interact within the smart classroom hub.

SkoolHUB empowers educators to;

  • Upload courses into respective virtual classroom easily
  • Schedule a live video classroom within their virtual classroom
  • Manage, ask, message, chat and send emails among others to their ward
  • Provide assignment and feedback to the school admin and parents easily
  • Assess and score student based on their course taken, assignment, collaboration etc
  • See the activities of student and progress as they interact with the courses and among their peers

SkoolHUB empowers Student to;

  • Communicate and collaborate with their teachers and peers
  • Connect in real-time with their teachers and access recorded archive of their virtual meeting
  • Easily see their curriculum and monitor their progress as they take up the courses
  • Easily access assignment and submit to get a score
  • Share their research, and knowledge with the school community
  • Easily share files and contribute to question and answer session within the hub

There are many nifty tools going on well with SkoolHUB to provide a smart classroom solution that boost creativity and take learning to another level.

6. KickboarD

kickboardKickboard is a smart classroom management tool that promotes positive online classroom behavior. It allows teachers to input and analyzes the behavior and interaction of their right at the moment.

Kickboard also monitors and provides a real-time assessment of the effectiveness of the techniques and systems. All in all, the system can:

  • Measure the effectiveness of PBIS, SEL, RTI & MTSS and Restorative Practices
  • Reduce office referrals and suspensions
  • Identify and address root causes and patterns of behavior issues
  • Monitor behavior student intervention plans for Tier 2 & 3
  • Support PBIS, SEL and RTI/MTSS with professional development

Aside from these things, the system also provides a means for schools to evaluate the effectiveness of their programs. It also gives deserving students an award, tracks behavior data, and determine students’ cultural needs.

Teachers use it to follow up their student’s progress, check attendance, or provide tracking data as well.

The system addresses both the academic and non-academic needs of students. This helps them come up with a holistic learning environment, even outside the confines of a classroom.


Teaching in a traditional classroom is challenging, let alone remote learning. The thing is, the endless challenges of remote education also come with endless possibilities.

With it, teachers become more creative. They are also exposed more to technologies that can help them become more effective educators today.

As a teacher, gearing yourself up with the best smart classroom management tools can help you hold your students’ behavior for a more extended period. It also improves your students’ their ability to learn.

So, never stop learning and brace yourself for more advancements to come.

Why use smart classroom management software?

Smart classroom management software is very beneficial, especially when promoting proper technology usage in the classroom. It gives you a better insight into the effectiveness of your strategies, increasing your student’s motivation and engagement.

Who uses smart classroom management software?

Teachers, students, and administrators use smart classroom management software. Teachers are the primary uses of the software. Although students don’t have access to it, they use such software to learn and collaborate with fellow students.

On the other hand, administrators use it to get data that will help them create more effective learning solutions for their students.


The article was first published on; All Digital School