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Communication & E-Learning Software for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Looking for a user friendly digital workplace/hub for your university or organization? Or desired your student to take online courses or be in a live classroom with the faculties anywhere in the world or within your school post-COVID 19? No problem. This turn-key software provides the solution!

Our solution is a digital workplace/hub that is tailored to providing curriculum learning support for institutions in Nigeria with the aim to build virtual (collaborative) classrooms with e-learning features among other sterling features. It connects school admins, teaching staff, students, parents, and potential students in one centralized digital hub, allowing integrated dashboard access with low bandwidth consumption.

One Platform For School Admins, Faculties, Staff, Student And Even Parents You Serve.

Communication and digital workplace/hub is at the heart of every school and higher education institution in the 21st century. Our software’s set of integrated communication and collaboration tools brings MTU school’s ecosystem together on one intranet platform where school administrators, teaching staff, researchers, students, parents (optional) and even potential student can communicate, collaborate and learn from their faculties and from each other—no matter where they are.


Flawless Collaboration

The communication & e-learning hub (SkoolHUB) is a digital workplace where faculty and students alike can collaborate on common goals and exchange ideas freely. Create a workspace for a class or project, quickly ask questions, visit discussion forum, share files, publish important news about campus events or grant application deadlines—your community can access important information 24/7, from any device, and keep their fingers on the pulse of campus life.

Fast & Easy Work

Easy work management, prompt decision making…

Centralized Digital Hub

Keep the pulse of your school on centralize digital hub…

Smart Organization

SkoolHUB’s social intranet and learning hub allows members to organize themselves into public, private or hidden social spaces or class groups with separate activity feeds and member listing.


Easily create synergy and productivity, when you can connect the community together.


Syncronize files and have conversations that move the school forward, all in one digital workplace.


Make Learning Easy

Your school intranet is the ideal place to store information that supports student learning. Whether it’s a course curriculum, background material for a class presentation, or a departmental syllabus, SkoolHUB’s secure document management system lets you share files and keep everything in one place. Students and faculty can make the right information available to their collaborators with a few clicks. Never worry about documents getting buried in an email or whatsapp thread again.

Document & Wiki

View, download and share document easily

Easy Information Access

Access information 24/7 and easily download files

Core Features

Community Features

An online school community enables your admin, faculties and student  to have a full educational communication, collaboration and productivity. It enables complete user profiles, news feeds, timelines, private messaging, social groups, forums, member connect, and even email invitations to non-members. Members can connect and engage with each other on topics within forums and groups. This can help you build loyalty, gather feedback, provide more value and keep your school community engaged around your vision and culture.
Member Profiles
Social Class/Groups
Forum Discussions
Zoom Integration
Member Connections
Private Messaging
Class/Group Messaging
User Invites
Network Search
Activity Feeds (Community)
Albums & Media
Documents & Wiki
Branded & Customized Emails
Private Community (Intranet)
Events Calendar
Job Board

E-Learning Features

Online education is growing at a rate faster than ever. This software helps MTU build a flexible learning environment that supports your faculties and students from wherever they are in the world. The solution enables structured training, micro-learning, social learning and gamification for an engaged learning experience.
Multi-Tier Courses
Lesson Timers
Advanced Quizzing
Distraction Free Learning
Drip Feed Content
Course Points
User Reporting
Flexible Prerequisites
Assignment Management
Social Learning
Email Notifications
Intelligent Course Builder
Expire Access
Use Any Media
Certificates & Badges

Live Classroom!

Zoom Integration

Allow your members to create and host Zoom meetings from social class/groups, with a list of upcoming course lectures and past meetings. Zoom video recordings can easily be placed into pages and course content which empowers the students to attend live online classes (conducted by the school teachers) and learn at their own convenience.


Make It Fun Learning!

Empower your staff and increase memebers retention to work towards common goals and earn points, badges, rewards, ranks, certificates and achievements. Give your virtual online school a sense of autonomy, mastery, purpose and progress.

Every activities and actions taken on the hub can be gamified. Using this module on courses (in particular) invariably boost learning among the learners and the general school community.




Award and deduct points to users as they achieve specific steps such as when taken courses or engaging with the community.


Members can earn or unlock ranks for completing specific steps and display badges and rank details on their user’s profile.


Encourage your members to keep returning to your site by providing rewards such as unlocking additional content or additional discounts as they interact on your school hub.


Achievements provide a fun and interactive environment that rewards members for completing certain tasks and steps e.g completing a full lesson or finish the semester course.

Why SkoolHUB?


SkoolHUB is the No. 1 school communication and e-learning software in Nigeria that make use of modern intranet/extranet concept and virtual classroom features that intuitively empowered schools to have a seamless and collaborative virtual school.  The following features showcase the user interface and experience (UI/UX).

Mobile Responsive

Clean Codes

Beautiful Dashboard

Feature Rich & Free Updates

Ease of Use & Customizable

Tested & Secured

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Universities around the world using the basal software engine to power their online presence.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our school has many divisions and departments. Can they each manage their own content?
Certainly. The software is designed to make it easy for individual departments, administrative units, or locations to manage their own content, faculties and students. Set up “Grooups” for each department where they can collaborate, share files, faculties present live courses via Zoom, student take up blended courses (or be in live classroom via Zoom), and keep track of their schedules. Class Groups (or just Groups) let you organize in a way that’s comfortable and familiar to how you already work. There’s virtually no learning curve—your staff and student members can step right in without missing a sleep.
Can we host on-premise, or will you host the software for us??

We’ll host and run your intranet software for healthcare on our servers for you, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of managing hardware, software updates, or security. As our customer, you get your own secure, single-tenant installation of our software and database in our cloud.

How do we create courses?
If you are a faculty (Lecturer), simply login to your account and move to the admin back office and you can use the course builder to create course for your wards. We will organize an intensive training on how teaching staff can create blended courses, lessons, topics, quize and live meeting within the software for their students
How can our student access courses or the e-learning?
Learning starts once you login into the hub however, ther are two established pathway to access structured courses. Once student login, the need to move to their respective class group where they will see tabs that include courses (created by the faculties) and Zoom. So, if it is belnded course, the student can start and start earning points or join the Zoom live classroom as at when schedule to go live all withing the hub.
What if we need help?

All SkoolHUB plans come with top-notch support, free upgrades and access to our customer community. We also offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for customers who are looking for more advanced support. Our success is tied directly to your success, so it’s our job to meet your expectations.


Ready to power your school with a complete communication and e-learning solution?